Our Story

With over 100 years of combined experience the CAPSTONE Investment Group team offers wisdom in the markets that has spanned decades of change. Through a disciplined approach to money management and in complete understanding of their clients’ objectives, Patrick McClelland, Sandra Drennon, Steven Elliott, and Jeff Wachtman work tirelessly to bring the traditional financial advice and management of your money together. This combined method creates the truest, most complete partnership between you & your investment professionals. Research, daily oversight and unbiased asset management are the ingredients to building trust, relationships and value for our clientele.

Our Mission

Is to help our clients define and pursue financial success and in doing so relieve the burdens of building and managing wealth. This is accomplished by establishing and growing meaningful relationships with our clients in order to understand their values, hopes and fears. Our mission is executed through the unbiased dispensation of advice and the team-based, active management of client funds.

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