Our Story

CAPSTONE Investment Group, LLC offers wisdom with understanding that spans decades of market change. With more than 75-years of combined fiduciary experience, the advisors place priority on personal relationships with each client and how their goals blend with a disciplined approach to money management.

Sandra K. Drennon, Jeff Wachtman and Bryan Pettit work diligently and collaboratively to bring traditional financial advising and management of your money in today’s complex markets. This synergistic team uses research, daily oversight and unbiased asset management along with best practices to shape their role as trusted advisors. They are known for relentless research and substantial investment into professional resources because of the high value they place on personal relationship.

Founded in 2004, by Patrick McClelland, with Sandra Drennon joining in partnership in 2008 and Steven Elliott in 2010, Capstone’s foundation continues to be based on the principles of wisdom, discipline and understanding, CAPSTONE Investment Group is not another big wire house, but instead built on the bedrock of managing funds on a discretionary basis with client relationship as the cornerstone. This vision continues even following Pat’s retirement and Steven’s focus at CAPSTONE Trust, because today’s CAPSTONE Team places high value on personal relationships and generational understanding of your financial and estate planning needs.

Our Mission

Wisdom, discipline and understanding are the foundation of our mission to serve clients. Together we pursue financial success with the goal of building and managing wealth. We do this by growing meaningful relationships and understanding individual values, hope and fears. As a collaborative team, we work to deliver unbiased advising and active management of client funds.

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We want to do all we can to keep our clients, team and community safe during this Coronavirus health crisis. Therefore, CAPSTONE is practicing social-distancing and all client reviews will either be by phone or video conferencing.
While our lobby remains closed, our phones are open, and team is ready to meet your needs.
Call 360-570-9888 or e-mail capstonecare@capstoneig.net.
Your investment goals are important to us! With wisdom, discipline and understanding as a solid foundation, even as the Coronavirus situation changes, your value to us remains steady. Staying connected is more important than ever, so let us know how our CAPSTONE Team can best serve you.