Guiding Principles

CAPSTONE Investment Group defines wisdom as the right application of knowledge. We live in a knowledge-driven economy that is continually transformed by the latest iteration of change, courtesy of the information age. Information is abundant and readily accessible like never before. The challenge in dispensing financial advice and managing assets is to understand exactly what information matters and what does not. CAPSTONE continually strives to understand and embrace principals that do not change and trends that are ever-evolving. Our paradigm must be under-girded with time tested principals of wealth preservation, but sufficiently flexible to not break with the next trend with which we are presented.
Discipline takes many forms and is integral to the proper management of client assets in an environment of uncertainty.  Chief among our disciplines is the team approach to portfolio management.  The CAPSTONE Investment Committee operates as a team of equals that must arrive at unanimous consent before undertaking a sale or purchase of securities on behalf of our clients.  This arrangement allows our clients to benefit from the collective wisdom of the Firm while forcing the portfolio managers to engage in open and honest discussion as part of reaching an investment decision.  Fear and greed continue to drive financial markets, and CAPSTONE Investment Group seeks to subjugate those emotions to the discipline of our investment process for the benefit of our clientele.
The principle of understanding is the “Why” of CAPSTONE Investment Group.  It is the reason the Firm exists.  In order for Wisdom or Discipline to have meaning it must be built upon an Understanding of our clients and their needs for it, within that context that the terms of success are defined, and the purpose of what a client has accumulated is articulated.  Money is a tool and not a worthy end unto itself; simply striving for more is not a worthwhile objective.  The same dollar bill that that can provide opportunity and a brighter future can also serve to destroy relationships; more is not always better.  Understanding is the context and story that each client brings which is wholly unique to the individual and valued by each professional at CAPSTONE Investment Group.
Asset Manager Code of Conduct
CAPSTONE Investment Group has adopted and seeks to adhere to the CFA® Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.  This document serves as a foundational guide to the process and procedure employed by the Firm in the management of client funds.  The basic principles are as follows:

  • Act in a professional and ethical manner at all times
  • Act for the benefit of clients.
  • Act with independence and objectivity
  • Act with skill, competence and diligence.
  • Communicate with clients in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Uphold the applicable rules governing capital markets.

The CFA Institute is a non-profit organization which oversees and administers the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.  Obtaining the CFA® designation requires successfully passing 3 rigorous tests over a minimum 3 year time frame.  No other industry designation provides the breadth and depth of knowledge expressly for the purpose of enhancing skill in the professional management of client assets.

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