CAPSTONE Investment Group defines wisdom as the right application of knowledge.  We live in a knowledge-driven economy that is continually transformed by the latest iteration of change courtesy of the information age.  Information is abundant and readily accessible like never before.  The challenge in dispensing financial advice and managing assets is to understand exactly what information matters and what does not.  CAPSTONE continually strives to understand and embrace principals that do not change and trends that are ever-evolving.  Our paradigm must be undergirded with time-tested principals of wealth preservation but sufficiently flexible to not break with the next trend with which we are presented.



We want to do all we can to keep our clients, team and community safe during this Coronavirus health crisis. Therefore, CAPSTONE is practicing social-distancing and all client reviews will either be by phone or video conferencing.
While our lobby remains closed, our phones are open, and team is ready to meet your needs.
Call 360-570-9888 or e-mail capstonecare@capstoneig.net.
Your investment goals are important to us! With wisdom, discipline and understanding as a solid foundation, even as the Coronavirus situation changes, your value to us remains steady. Staying connected is more important than ever, so let us know how our CAPSTONE Team can best serve you.